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SubjectRE: apm suspend broken in 2.4.10
The plot thickens!  Here's what I did:

In kernel/pm.c, at around line 242, I inserted these lines:

if (status) {
// inserted by awc

printk( "awc: APM Suspend vetoed by: \n");
printk( " type = %d", dev->type );
printk( " id = %d", dev->id );
printk( " callback = %d", dev->callback );
printk( " data = %d", dev->data );
printk( " flags = %d", dev->flags );
printk( " state = %d", dev->state );
printk( " prev_state = %d\n", dev->prev_state );

// we now return to your regularly scheduled kernel...

...and after compiling, installing, rebooting and entering "apm --suspend"
at a vc, I found this in syslog:

Sep 27 19:39:09 onus kernel: awc: APM Suspend vetoed by:
Sep 27 19:39:09 onus kernel: type = 1 id = 1104151299 callback =
-1072064644 data = 0 flags = 0 state = 0 prev_state = 0

1104151299 is 0x41D00303, which if you consult your include/linux/pm.h
(PM_SYS_DEV = 1, PM_SYS_KBC = 0x41d00303), would seem AFAICT to indicate
that it's the keyboard driver--or something upstream of it--who's vetoing my
suspend. Am I crazy?

Obviously, apart from the final CR after typing "apm --suspend", I'm not
touching the keyboard before it fails. I tried asking KLaptop (the KDE
power applet) to suspend using the mouse, and I found exactly the same debug
output repeated in syslog.

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