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SubjectRe: BSD-Linux FlameWar over SoftRAID.

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Andre Hedrick wrote:

> It is clear that BSD is going off the deep end.

s/BSD/slashdotters/, s/is going/had gone/ and wasn't it obvious for years?

> Linux ATA Development has a Legal signed NDA for the proper development of
> the complete and correct FastTrak(tm) open sources driver.
> I will soon publish the complete header codes in a original header w/
> a Linux ATA Development Copyright and Promise Technologies Copyright.
> The driver will have a GPL statement be issued in the headers and source
> files to prevent the usage in BSDish environments. I have not tolerance
> for being labled a thief.

... by slashdorks. It's scary, actually - if they can affect you, what
effect can be produced by more respectable publications? Like, say it,
Star or National Enquirer...

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