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SubjectSiS 7018 sound chipset
Hello All,
I while ago, I upgraded my computer, and my new motherboard has a SiS 7018
sound chipset onboard. I noticed after the upgrade that running games with
WINE that use DirectSound wouldn't produce sound. At first I thought it
might be a new bug in WINE, but then I noticed that the linux versions of
Quake3 and the new Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test suffer the same
problem, although Unreal Tournament does not. Quake3 and Wolfenstein both
tell me that the "sound system is muted." This didn't happen with my old ISA
sound card, but my new motherboard doesn't have any ISA slots :-( Could
anybody shed some light on this, or even a possible fix? I'd try myself, but
so far my entire experience with the kernel source has been configure,
compile, install. I am using kernel 2.4.9-ac14 with the OSS ac97_codec and
trident modules.

Bobby Bingham

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