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SubjectBSD-Linux FlameWar over SoftRAID.

It is clear that BSD is going off the deep end.

Linux ATA Development has a Legal signed NDA for the proper development of
the complete and correct FastTrak(tm) open sources driver.

I will soon publish the complete header codes in a original header w/
a Linux ATA Development Copyright and Promise Technologies Copyright.
The driver will have a GPL statement be issued in the headers and source
files to prevent the usage in BSDish environments. I have not tolerance
for being labled a thief.

I will prove the point that Linux does not "STEAL IP", then watch BSD
"borrow" from Linux. Just like we will watch 48-BIT Addressing be
borrowed without credit. Just like we will watch the new Ultra133 drivers
be borrowed without credit. BSD has no legal documentation to develop
these changes or access to hardware. We will watch and prove where IP
comes from in the world of storage.

Ever noticed how Linux had Ultra100 support 10 minutes after the release
of public information on June 5, 2000 8:00am PDT?

For now the Linux Open Source drivers for SoftRAID need to go away.
Not to worry they will return in full swing.

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 11:32:52 -0800
From: ---deleted---
To: 'Andre Hedrick' <>
Subject: RE: [Research] FastTrak66 Ultra ATA/66

Hi Andre,
Very interesting work, I can't guess how you did it. Here is our beta
driver for the Fasttrak. This is the one I told you about. It uses our Raid
engine (engine3.a). Sorry, but as I mentioned there is no possibility of us
releasing the source code for this. However you can get a good idea of how
the engine works by viewing our driver source. Please do not distribute
this driver or the engine binary to anyone. I've included some quick
documentation too, I remember there is one step missing but it is obvious.

begin 600 FT03.TGZ
M.16*)$ ):Q)@`-"6UO;^]NON>6 `@HQLV55W=4Q,`3,],ST]_9J>'F[77GSW



Here is the proof that I could have done this long before the BSD folks
had a clue about soft raid engines wrt addon cards.


Andre Hedrick
Linux ATA Development
ASL, Inc. Tel: (510) 857-0055 x103
38875 Cherry Street Fax: (510) 857-0010
Newark, CA 94560 Web:

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