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Subject[RFC] OOM aware applications
I was looking at the code in oom_kill.c, I had the following suggestions

Warning: I am not aware of what was discussed earlier about these issues
or if they were discusses at all.

1. I was wondering that instead of killing the application using
oom_kill_task() directly, should the OOM
issue some kind of a warning by sending a signal (some signal with
si_code set to a value indicating that
the application is causing memory to run out). Then, wait for a
while and then see if the application is still
misbehaving and if so kill it.

2. Minor changes suggested

In the code, I see

points *= 2 and points /= 4 in a few places, recommend changing them to

points <<= 1 and points >>= 2 to help the compiler generate better code

Dialog between the kernel and an OOM aware application

on OOM condition

kernel to the application: Hey u are running the system out of memory
application: Sorry my lord, I commited a blunder and will rectify myself

application rectifies itself and everybody lives happily everafter
application is stuborn

kernel: You must go now, u have been unfair in your demands and have
caused a lot of problem
application: Does not get to say anything, it is zapped

Comments, Suggestions, Criticism

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