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SubjectRe: Burning a CD image slow down my connection
On 25 Sep 2001, [A]ndy80 wrote:

> I've my Plextor Writer as secondary master seen as a scsi device and if
> I try do use hdparm it says:
> [root@piccoli shady]# hdparm -t /dev/cdrom
> /dev/cdrom not supported by hdparm

Hmm, /dev/cdrom would typically be a link. You might try to apply hdparm
to where the link points to, but I cannot really believe hdparm doesn't
follow links.

Normally /dev/cdrom should point to /dev/hdc in your case. I somewhat
suspect that it points to /dev/scd0. If so, can you actually
mount the cdrom? The ide2scsi device emulation basically just passes
scsi commands as atapi commands over the ide bus (since atapi just
use the scsi commands but tunnel them over ide). I'm surprised this also
works for cdroms. I wasn't aware of the fact they are ATAPI and thus
support the scsi command set. Maybe the cdwriters are special in that

Anyway, you'll have to point hdparm to the ide device for your



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