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I remember a while back that there was an option in make menuconfig
to enable IP masquerading or IP aliasing - The last version I
remember seeing it in was 2.2.16. I am trying to enable virtual
addresses on my box (eth0 and eth0:0 eth0:1 etc), and I am
getting the following errors:
SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such device
when I issue the command:
/sbin/ifconfig eth0:0 broadcast \

In the 2.2.16 menuconfig there was the following option inside of
Network Options:
[*] IP: masquerading
Enabling this allow me to define virtual IP's. I cannot find the
same option in 2.2.19, 2.4.4, or in 2.4.10.
Does anyone know where/how to enable this much needed fuctionality?

Thansk in advance.
Steve Pirk . . . .

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