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Subject[PATCH] Hotplug PCI driver for 2.4.10

Another release of the Compaq Hotplug PCI driver is available against
2.4.10 is at:
With a full changelog at:

Changes since the last release:
- forward ported to 2.4.10
- added MODULE_LICENSE("GPL") to the modules.
- fixed 64 bit problems in the hotplug_pci core (thanks to Arjan
van de Ven for pointing this out to me)
- changed the hotplug pci core interface from a controller based
interface to a physical slot based one.
- modified the Compaq driver to match the new hotplug pci core
- code documentation updates.
- added MODULE support to the hotplug_pci core to prevent a
a child module from disappearing while it is being called.
- no more oops if the hotplug_slot_ops structure is missing a

Again, the old Compaq tool will not work with this version of the
driver. An updated version must be downloaded from the cvs tree at at:

Note: This is probably the LAST release of this driver that the Compaq
user interface tools will work on. If you care about compatiblity with
these tools, please grab this release and keep it :) Also, please let
me know if you have a problem with this.

- move the /proc/cpqphpd code out of the compaq driver and into
the hotplug_pci core code.
- change the /proc/cpqphpd interface into a real filesystem.
- either remove the Compaq BIOS specific code or fix it to not
use direct memory accesses (any opinions?)


greg k-h
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