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SubjectEngineeringtalk News Item: C600 Miniature Camlock


This article has been sent to you at the request of jimmy saville, who thought you would find it interesting. It comes from the Engineeringtalk web site <> which contains thousands of similar announcements from manufacturers.



Date: 20 February 2000
News from: Camlock Systems
Product: C600 Miniature Camlock

A butterfly catch, fitted with a custom designed flat key camlock
incorporating a stainless steel cam, has provided a simple, low
cost solution to the security and on-site location of high value
musical instruments for the world's top pop and rock musicians,
including the Lighthouse Family, Dire Straits and Tina Turner.
Originally designed by Sidlock, the specialist manufacturer and
distributor of industrial security locking devices, the lock is
based on the company's C600 Miniature Camlock series,
re-engineered to fit in a confined space on special flight cases
used to transport and configure equipment at gigs and recording
sessions all around the world. Performance demands on these
cases, and their locks, are formidable. They are in continuous
use, either in transit or onstage, as they often form the
housings of equipment and employ the catches and locks to locate
and secure the cases in special stage racking. Either way the
cases are opened and locked many thousands of times creating the
requirement for a catch and lock with ease of use, exceptional
durability, reliability and a measure of security. Closure and
security is provided by a 180ø turn/pull-up lever action and the
camlock prevents this from being deployed. To minimise damage in
transit the catch is designed to fit into a shallow recess. This
requires the locking cam to be only 20mm long and 6mm wide,
'joggled' (offset) and mounted onto a lock body just 8.3mm in
length. As space is so tight a speed clip is used to retain the
lock in the catch mounting but this has the added advantage of
quicker assembly of the parts during production. At product
development stage engineering evaluations revealed that the
smaller - 25% on length and 50% on width - cam dimensions
necessitated a stronger material than the usual carbon steel used
and so stainless was chosen. Additionally, the confined space
meant that the usual nut fastener could not be used to retain the
cam and so it was spin welded onto the lock body. Essential to
the success of the product was the manufacturer's ability to
adapt and modify an existing product to provide a fast solution
and meet stringent cost parameters. The camlock is supplied to
Penn Fabrication - a specialist manufacturer of case and speaker
hardware, materials and accessories, lighting, racking systems
and stage box systems - who adds it to a range of 19mm and 10mm
butterfly catches. Other suppliers subsequently convert many of
the company's cases to enclose and transport a variety of
equipment including control, process and analysis instrumentation
as well as photographic gear.

Camlock Systems
Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK
Telephone: +44 1323 410996
Fax: +44 1323 411512
E-Mail: <>
Website: <>


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