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SubjectRe: [PATCH] /dev/epoll update ...
Gordon Oliver <> wrote:
> But you missed the obvious optimization of doing an f_ops->poll when
> the file is _added_. This means that you'll get an initial event when
> there is data ready. ...

Note that you can do that in userspace by calling poll(), btw. That
gets you down to a single extra system call initially.

> Note that it has the additional advantage of making the dispatch code
> in the user application easier. You no longer have to do special code
> to handle the speculative read after adding the fd.

As Davide points out in his reply, /dev/epoll is an exact clone of
the O_SETSIG/O_SETOWN/O_ASYNC realtime signal way of getting readiness
change events, but using a memory-mapped buffer instead of signal delivery
(and obeying an interest mask). Unlike /dev/poll, it only provides
information about *changes* in readiness.

Everyone who has successfully written code using the O_SETSIG/O_SETOWN/O_ASYNC
code knows that it does not send an initial state event. This has not
gotten in the way, as a rule.

If it does turn out to be Very Important for these single-shot readiness
notification schemes to generate synthetic initial readiness events,
it should be added both to /dev/epoll and to O_SETSIG/O_SETOWN/O_ASYNC.

I think there is still some confusion out there because of the name
Davide chose; /dev/epoll is so close to /dev/poll that it lulls many
people (myself included) into thinking it's a very similar thing. It ain't.
(I really have to fix my c10k page to reflect that correctly...)
- Dan
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