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SubjectRe: [OT] New Anti-Terrorism Law makes "hacking" punishable by life in prison
++ 24/09/01 18:29 -0700 - Jeff V. Merkey:
> On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 08:37:11PM -0300, Rik van Riel wrote:
> When people are crashing planes into buildings and killing people
> by the thousands, hacking laws should be tough. The US has shut off
> internet access from Cyprus and several other places, and I've
> noticed a fall-off of hacking on my servers -- GOOD!.

Why? In what way has the recent violent acts differed significantly from
acts which have been ongoing world-wide for, well, always? Is it that
"it doesn't happen here!"? This is an increadibly US centric world view.

When the world seems to be at peace, it is easy to ask for your rights.
It is when the war comes to you that you really need them, and that they
are hardest to request.

This was a violent crime, commited by men who were willing to die. It
was a failure of physical security; and massive databases will not make
it harder for someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves.

But they will affect the ability of the population to conduct acts of
civil disobediance and rebellion, upon which this and many other
contries are founded.

The war in the world is not new, we are simply used to ignoring it. And
for this, we are widely hated and scorned.

I will not grant the statement that "This sort of thing must be
prevented at all costs". There are some prices I will not pay, and some
that I will immediately distrust anyone who asks me to pay them.

I know that I am not making friends with this post, but my conscience
demands that I respond to your blind aquescense of rights. I want a
world in which my children can choose their life, even if the cost is
a reduction in 'security'.

Mr. Franklin had much to say on this topic, but he said it better.

And the term is 'cracking'.

Crutcher <>
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