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Subject2D graphics: KGI, GGI, fbdev, DRI, svgalib, oh my!!!

I'm trying to design a simple 2D game for linux, mainly as a way to learn
as much as I can about the linux kernel, graphics hardware, and whatever
lies between. It would basically involve shooting little alpha-blended
spaceships that would fade in (becoming more and more opaque) and move
around the screen (all the while being blended over a scrolling

I've searched for and read some information on all of the things listed in
the subject line of this message. I've learned a thing or two, but I'm
still not confident enough in my understanding of them to choose one and
start writing code. Indeed, some of them are based on others, so I may
have to choose two. :)

If my ultimate goal is a maximum level of hardware acceleration,
especially for scrolling and alpha-blending, which linux graphics
interface would be the best choice for my needs?

Please note that my question is a theoretical one, not a practical one.
I'm not asking which system currently has the best accelerated drivers;
I'm asking which one has the best potential for taking advantage of all a
card has to offer.

It might be that my very question is flawed. If so, please enlighten me!

I'm not subscribed, so please kindly Cc me in your reply.

-Jeff Meininger

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