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Subject[PATCH] minor page aging update
Hi Alan,

here is the promised minor page aging update to 2.4.9-ac15:

1) use min()/max() for age_page_{up,down}, now the
thing is resistant to people changing PAGE_AGE_DECL ;)

2) in try_to_swap_out(), still adjust the page age even if
the zone does have enough inactive pages ... this is a
very cheap operation and will keep the page aging info
in zones better up to date

3) only call do_try_to_free_pages() when we have a free
shortage, this means kswapd() won't waste CPU time on
working sets which fit in memory, but "spill over"
into the inactive list ... also update comments a bit

4) remove run_task_queue(&tq_disk) from kswapd() since
page_launder() will already have done this if needed


IA64: a worthy successor to the i860.

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