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Subject[PATCH] devfs support for raw char device, kernel 2.4.9

I'm not subscribed to the linux-kernel list so please CC me on any replies.

This is a patch to kernel 2.4.9 for adding devfs support to the raw char device
(drivers/char/raw.c). It registers the rawctl device, the raw subdirectory and
a configurable (max_raw kernel param) number of raw/rawX devices. I've done
some basic empirical testing on my changes and it seems to be working okay. I
haven't tested it for compatibility with a non-devfs system since I don't have

There are two further modifications I would like to make. First, make it a
module so that it can be loaded at runtime and thus configured at runtime
without having to add a kernel parameter to LILO or whatever. Second, change
the control interface to kernel functions (ala loopback device) rather than
ioctl on a control device which seems a bit grungy to me. This second change
would require changing the userspace configuration utility as well and is not
as "trivial" as the first.

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