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    SubjectRe: Whats in the wings for 2.5 (when it opens)
    On Monday, 17 September 2001, at 20:18:25 -0400,
    Ed Tomlinson wrote:

    > Hi,
    > Seems like there is a lot of code "ready" for consideration in a 2.5 kernel.
    > I can think of:
    > [...]
    Maybe this is something worth to have a look at:

    It seems to be an "enterprise-class advanced event logging system for
    Linux", trying toi be compliant with upcoming POSIX Standard 1003.25,
    "System API - Services for Reliable, Available, and Serviceable Systems".

    It requires kernel patches and userspace logging daemon to work. Kernel
    patches are available for 2.4.4 and as I can see from the kernel patch, it
    is little intrusive (hardly any changes to existing kernel code, and adds
    a couple of new files). It also requires a patched glibc, but the required
    patch (for glibc2.2.3) is very little.

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