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    Subjectan IP stack problem regarding routing and ARP
    Hi, Sorry to bother you all.
    My question is about the Linux kernel IP stack regarding routing
    tables and ARP.
    Basically I am considering a hack on the IP stack for the purpose of
    routing emulation(emulating 2 routers in one kernel):

    If a Linux box has 2 NICs, I would like to generate some packets in the
    kernel, sent them out from one NIC to an Ethernet switch, and then
    receive them on the other NIC. Is it possible, with the help of appropriate
    routing table, routing rules and ARP configuration? Or the kernel IP
    stack must be modified? It seems to me that if the kernel figures
    out that a packet's next hop is its local network interface, it will
    deliver to that interface through IP stack directly.


    -Pei Zheng

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