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SubjectEncouraging results from 2.4.10-pre14 + preempt
I am very encouraged by the latest linus kernel, and
thought I'd pass this along -

Platform info -
PIII 933/Intel mobo
512 MB RAM
2 30 GB IDE disks
Ensoniq ES1371 sound card
Red Hat 7.1 + bits of rawhide
kernel 2.4.10-pre14 + preempt patch

The testing was done while running X windows (icewm), Netscape 4.78,
iptraf, and misc other services (named, sendmail, apache, iptables
firewalling etc.

During the dbench runs mpg123 was playing mp3s -

Highlights -
- There was absolutely no mp3 skipping during dbench 16 & 32.
- There was minor skipping during dbench 40, when load was near 40.
- Best of all, the desktop remained completely responsive the entire

dbench summaries:
Throughput 49.6162 MB/sec (NB=62.0202 MB/sec 496.162 MBit/sec) 16
Throughput 32.5531 MB/sec (NB=40.6913 MB/sec 325.531 MBit/sec) 32
Throughput 24.8711 MB/sec (NB=31.0889 MB/sec 248.711 MBit/sec) 40

Screenshot at

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