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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Preemption Latency Measurement Tool
Am Freitag, 21. September 2001 17:48 schrieb george anzinger:
> Robert Love wrote:
> > On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 18:51, Dieter Nützel wrote:
> > > > Does your audio source depend on any files (eg mp3s) and if so, could
> > > > they be moved to a ramfs? Do the skips go away then?
> > >
> > > Good point.
> > >
> > > I've copied one video (MP2) and one Ogg-Vorbis file into /dev/shm.
> > > Little bit better but hiccup still there :-(
> >
> > As I've been saying, the problem really shouldn't be disk I/O. I would
> > think (and really hope) the readahead code can fit a little mp3 in
> > memory. Even if not, its a quick read to load it. The continued blips
> > you see are caused by something, well, continual :)
> Are you running your application at some real time priority? I suspect
> that, when dbench starts, it floods the system with a lot of new tasks
> and the system must visit each one until it gets back to your ap. Nice
> will only do so much here. Real time priority is the way to go.
> Attached are a couple of small programs to help here. "rt" runs a given
> ap at a given priority. I.e. > rt 10 foo, runs foo at priority 10.
> (There are more options, try rt -h.) getrt reports the priority of a
> task. If you do something like > rt 10 bash everything you run from
> the new bash prompt will be at priority 10. You must be root to run rt

Yes, I do like I've posted in all the related threads.

Here is some more input for you. I hope it could help nail it down.


BTW I'll now switching to 2.4.10-pre14

SunWave1#time tar xIf /Pakete/Linux/linux-2.4.9.tar.bz2
34.570u 5.350s 0:47.84 83.4% 0+0k 0+0io 295pf+0w

I "hear" some have disk activities (disk trashing).


Runs for ages!!!

User CPU 0%
System CPU 0%
Idle CPU 99%

So where did it wait???

Here comes what latencytimes show:

Worst 20 latency times of 5061 measured in this period.
usec cause mask start line/file address end line/file
322263 reacqBKL 1 1375/sched.c c01138b4 697/sched.c
216174 BKL 1 30/inode.c c016b971 52/inode.c
158328 BKL 9 742/block_dev.c c0144d51 697/sched.c
66975 BKL 1 1101/super.c c014250d 697/sched.c
53560 BKL 1 1101/super.c c014250d 1130/super.c
37742 spin_lock 1 547/sched.c c0111b04 795/block_dev.c
24822 spin_lock 1 678/inode.c c01551f7 704/inode.c
24739 spin_lock 1 291/buffer.c c014003c 285/buffer.c
19330 spin_lock 1 547/sched.c c0111b04 697/sched.c
16566 BKL 1 30/inode.c c016b971 697/sched.c
14049 spin_lock 1 2043/tcp_ipv6.c e9078837 119/softirq.c
11993 spin_lock 1 2111/tcp_ipv4.c c0220517 119/softirq.c
11704 BKL 1 706/block_dev.c c0144bd7 1381/sched.c
11405 spin_lock 1 291/buffer.c c014003c 280/buffer.c
11288 BKL 1 706/block_dev.c c0144bd7 697/sched.c
11213 reacqBKL 9 1375/sched.c c01138b4 696/block_dev.c
11212 spin_lock 1 547/sched.c c0111b04 696/block_dev.c
7552 spin_lock 1 298/buffer.c c013bb1c 285/buffer.c
5013 BKL 0 2763/buffer.c c013fbca 697/sched.c
4641 BKL 1 1302/inode.c c016de79 697/sched.c

SunWave1#ksymoops -m /boot/ -A " c01138b4 c016b971 c0144d51
c014250d c014250d c0111b04 c01551f7 c014003c c0111b04 c016b971 e9078837
c0220517 c0144bd7 c014003c c0144bd7 c01138b4 c0111b04 c013bb1c c013fbca
ksymoops 2.4.3 on i686 2.4.10-pre12-preempt. Options used
-V (default)
-k /proc/ksyms (default)
-l /proc/modules (default)
-o /lib/modules/2.4.10-pre12-preempt/ (default)
-m /boot/ (specified)

Adhoc c01138b4 <preempt_schedule+34/b0>
Adhoc c016b970 <reiserfs_delete_inode+30/110>
Adhoc c0144d50 <blkdev_close+60/1b0>
Adhoc c014250c <kill_super+ac/280>
Adhoc c014250c <kill_super+ac/280>
Adhoc c0111b04 <schedule+34/550>
Adhoc c01551f6 <prune_icache+36/160>
Adhoc c014003c <kupdate+11c/210>
Adhoc c0111b04 <schedule+34/550>
Adhoc c016b970 <reiserfs_delete_inode+30/110>
Adhoc e9078836 <[ipv6]tcp6_get_info+4a6/770>
Adhoc c0220516 <tcp_get_info+4b6/7a0>
Adhoc c0144bd6 <blkdev_put+46/160>
Adhoc c014003c <kupdate+11c/210>
Adhoc c0144bd6 <blkdev_put+46/160>
Adhoc c01138b4 <preempt_schedule+34/b0>
Adhoc c0111b04 <schedule+34/550>
Adhoc c013bb1c <wait_for_locked_buffers+3c/60>
Adhoc c013fbca <sync_old_buffers+2a/130>
Adhoc c016de78 <reiserfs_dirty_inode+58/f0>

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