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SubjectRe: Re[03]: Linux Kernel 2.2.20-pre10 Initial Impressions
> Understood, but I actually took my 2.2.19 .config and ran "make
> oldconfig", then "make xconfig" making no changes, just saved it

Excellent. That makes the data so much more valuable

> I am likely to do the benchmark tonight to get hard numbers on the
> difference I sense. I am a QA/Testing Specialist, so I am all to
> aware of the importance of keeping the variables all the same. My
> initial background was with assembler back in the real core
> memory/keypunch days where I disassembled and heavily modified the
> OS, compiler, assembler, system utilities and wrote a new way to load
> the OS, compilers, etc from scratch to a new disk. Ony advising you
> so you have a sense of my mindset and level of understanding. Not
> current with intimate x86 details or assembler, but will someday now
> that "falt" memory is back! :))
> I will let you know what I find. If in meantime you feel there are
> other things needed or for me to check please let me know and I will
> be most happy to assist.

I look forward to the results. Can you cc Andrea Arcangeli on them if they
look VM related as Andrea is the 2.2.19 VM person (and now the 2.4.10pre
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