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SubjectKernel PPP driver broken in 2.4.10-pre14
the linux kernel 2.4.10-pre14 ppp driver seems to be broken for me.
In kernels <= 2.4.9 it used to work fine!

When i try to insmod the "ppp_async" module it complains about "unresolved
symbol tty_register_ldisc" and therefore refuses to load.

After looking at the changes being introduced in 2.4.10-pre I was able to fix
the problem:

The problem is caused by the fact, that in 2.4.10-pre* the line
has been _removed_ from 'net/netsyms.c'

after readding this line (i added the "EXPORT_SYMBOL(tty_register_ldisc);"
right under the tty_register_ldisc declaration in "drivers/char/tty_io.c",
but "net/netsyms.c" should work too) and recompiling everything now works
fine for me. (ppp_async now loads correctly again)

Therefore I recommend you to readd the
line whereever you consider it the right place (e.g. drivers/char/tty_io.c


Martin Heiss
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