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SubjectRe: Lockup with 2.4.9-ac10 on Athlon
Date said:
> > Strange - mine works. Either with APM and 'apm=power-off' on the
> > command line, or with ACPI and a hack to work around the incompetence of
> > Abit's BIOS engineers.

> Is this something Linux could recognize and patch, like the Athlon
> problem with the VIA chipset?

'Could', yes. 'Should', probably not. It's bad enough that we have to run
binary-only code from people with this little clue, without having to apply
patches to it as well.

This is the patch I was using at the time. It won't apply now.

Index: drivers/acpi/namespace/nsalloc.c
RCS file: /inst/cvs/linux/drivers/acpi/namespace/Attic/nsalloc.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.1.2.5 nsalloc.c
--- drivers/acpi/namespace/nsalloc.c 2001/06/21 09:40:16
+++ drivers/acpi/namespace/nsalloc.c 2001/08/11 15:58:51
@@ -60,6 +60,10 @@

node->data_type = ACPI_DESC_TYPE_NAMED;
+ if (acpi_name == 0x5f555043) {
+ printk("Fixing up object 'CPU_' to name 'CPU0'\n");
+ acpi_name = 0x30555043;
+ }
node->name = acpi_name;
node->reference_count = 1;


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