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SubjectRe: Lockup with 2.4.9-ac10 on Athlon
Date said:
> Look for BIOS updates. I have a BP6 (dual Celeron) system, and I am
> really disappointed that the only way I can power it down under
> software control is to boot to another o/s. You may be able to get a
> BIOS which works.

Strange - mine works. Either with APM and 'apm=power-off' on the command
line, or with ACPI and a hack to work around the incompetence of Abit's
BIOS engineers.

Me: "There's a one-char typo in your ACPI bytecode which prevents it from
working. This is the fix...."
Abit: "You can work around that by turning off ACPI support in the BIOS
Me: "But that just disables it, and makes it continue to not work. To make
it work, it needs to be enabled - but there's a simple typo which
prevents it from working."
Abit: <silence>

Sometimes it amazes me just how stupid some people can be and still
actually keep their job.


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