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SubjectRe: encrypted swap on loop in 2.4.10-pre12?
"steve j. kondik" wrote:
> agreed. i've had this problem on two seperate systems, however i _am_
> running a few other patches- notably the kpreempt patch. but again, no
> problems at all until 2.4.10-pre12. i'll try some things in the morning
> and see what i can come up with. i see you are doing swapon, however
> have you tried mkswap over your loopdev? i can actually swapon just
> fine, its mkswap that causes the panic.

I losetup the encrypted swap loop with a random key every time the box
boots, so mkswap is done before swapon. I used the example script in the
loop-AES README file.

For testing purposes, can you back out the kpreempt patch, and let me know
if that cures the problem.

Jari Ruusu <>

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