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SubjectRe: noexec-flag does not work in Linux 2.4.10-pre10
Alexander Viro wrote:

>On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Peter Bornemann wrote:
>>This is no problem for me but an inconvenience. If You see all
>>the x-flags You believe in the executability (is that right?), moreover,
>>as on my system executables are displayed in red colour, I feel my eyes
>>are deceived to some extent.
>Then you've never used noexec on normal filesystems (after all, _that_
>is the intended use - prohibit execution of binaries from potentially
>unsafe place, and in that case you are interested in all mode bits, so
>you want them to be reported).

I wondered what you gain by noexec actually as there is always a way to
execute code you can read. For e.g. if you want to execute a binary from
/mnt/unsafe you can do (RH7.1): /lib/ /mnt/unsafe/hack.bin ?

> Try to remount some normal fs noexec
>(_not_ one that contains mount(8), or you'll have really big trouble
>on hands). Then look at it - exec bits are still there and they
>are still reported.
>>But, as umask=111 works, I will switch to that.
>>Thanks a lot!
>>Peter B

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