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SubjectRe: stdin/pipe problem with kernel 2.4.9
Dirk Försterling <> writes:

|> I repost this because you may have been distracted by the date contained
|> in the old subject line. So far there was no response at all. No hint,
|> no trick, no RTFM (pointers?) or whatever. So far I wasn't able to find
|> anything related using google, the kernel docs and the linux-kernel archive.
|> The SuSE support won't help me with 2.4 and the support database doesn't contain
|> any (findable) article related to my problem. So I decided to repost my question.

This has nothing to do with the kernel, it's a problem with some versions
of cron (which closes stdin/out/err at startup instead of redirecting them
to /dev/null and subsequently gets confused when spawning the jobs).


Andreas Schwab "And now for something completely different."
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