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More merging..

Btw, my mailbox is overflowing - for some reason I'm now on the cc list of
what appears to be a few hundred independent small diskcussions (but I'm
sure it's just a dozen or so), and if your patch is missing from pre13,
please don't send it again immediately. I'm trying to catch up with the
mail flood, and while you can _almost_ assume that if your patch isn't in
pre13 it's gone (and should be re-sent), please wait with the re-send for
a few days.

I'm concentrating on trying to merge existing patches (ie mainly -ac), and
on getting the VM issues sorted out, anything else pretty much got dropped
the last few days (and expect them to get dropped for a few more days at


- Manfred Spraul: /proc/pid/maps cleanup (and bugfix for non-x86)
- Al Viro: "block device fs" - cleanup of page cache handling
- Hugh Dickins: VM/shmem cleanups and swap search speedup
- Andrea Arkangeli, Andrew Morton etc: various VM fixes
- David Miller: sparc updates, soc driver typo fix, net updates
- Jeff Garzik: network driver updates (dl2k, yellowfin and tulip)
- Neil Brown: knfsd cleanups and fixues
- Ben LaHaise: zap_page_range merge from -ac

- Alan Cox: much more merging
- Pete Zaitcev: ymfpci race fixes
- Andrea Arkangeli: VM race fix and OOM tweak.
- Arjan Van de Ven: merge RH kernel fixes
- Andi Kleen: use more readable 'likely()/unlikely()' instead of __builtin_expect()
- Keith Owens: fix 64-bit ELF types
- Gerd Knorr: mark more broken PCI bridges, update btaudio driver
- Paul Mackerras: powermac driver update
- me: clean up PTRACE_DETACH to use common infrastructure

- Neil Brown: md cleanups/fixes
- Andrew Morton: console locking merge
- Andrea Arkangeli: major VM merge

- Alan Cox: continued merging
- Mingming Cao: make msgrcv/shmat check the queue/segment ID's properly
- Greg KH: USB serial init failure fix, Xircom serial converter driver
- Neil Brown: nsfd/raid/md/lockd cleanups
- Ingo Molnar: multipath RAID personality, raid xor update
- Hugh Dickins/Marcelo Tosatti: swapin read-ahead race fix
- Vojtech Pavlik: fix up some of the infrastructure for x86-64
- Robert Love: AMD 761 AGP GART support
- Jens Axboe: fix SCSI-generic queue handling race
- me: be sane about page reference bits

- Greg KH: start migration to new "min()/max()"
- Roman Zippel: move affs over to "min()/max()".
- Vojtech Pavlik: VIA update (make sure not to IRQ-unmask a vt82c576)
- Jan Kara: quota bug-fix (don't decrement quota for non-counted inode)
- Anton Altaparmakov: more NTFS updates
- Al Viro: make nosuid/noexec/nodev be per-mount flags, not per-filesystem
- Alan Cox: merge input/joystick layer differences, driver and alpha merge
- Keith Owens: scsi Makefile cleanup
- Trond Myklebust: fix oopsable race in locking code
- Jean Tourrilhes: IrDA update

- Christoph Hellwig: clean up personality handling a bit
- Robert Love: update sysctl/vm documentation
- make the three-argument (that everybody hates) "min()" be "min_t()",
and introduce a type-anal "min()" that complains about arguments of
different types.

- Alan Cox: big driver/mips sync
- Andries Brouwer, Christoph Hellwig: more gendisk fixups
- Tobias Ringstrom: tulip driver workaround for DC21143 erratum

- Jens Axboe: remove trivially dead io_request_lock usage
- Andrea Arcangeli: softirq cleanup and ARM fixes. Slab cleanups
- Christoph Hellwig: gendisk handling helper functions/cleanups
- Nikita Danilov: reiserfs dead code pruning
- Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS update to 1.1.18
- firestream network driver: patch reverted on authors request
- NIIBE Yutaka: SH architecture update
- Paul Mackerras: PPC cleanups, PPC8xx update.
- me: reverse broken bootdata allocation patch that went into pre5

- Merge with Alan
- Trond Myklebust: NFS fixes - kmap and root inode special case
- Al Viro: more superblock cleanups, inode leak in rd.c, minix
directories in page cache
- Paul Mackerras: clean up rubbish from sl82c105.c
- Neil Brown: md/raid cleanups, NFS filehandles
- Johannes Erdfelt: USB update (usb-2.0 support, visor fix, Clie fix,
pl2303 driver update)
- David Miller: sparc and net update
- Eric Biederman: simplify and correct bootdata allocation - don't
overwrite ramdisks
- Tim Waugh: support multiple SuperIO devices, parport doc updates

- Hugh Dickins: swapoff cleanups and speedups
- Matthew Dharm: USB storage update
- Keith Owens: Makefile fixes
- Tom Rini: MPC8xx build fix
- Nikita Danilov: reiserfs update
- Jakub Jelinek: ELF loader fix for ET_DYN
- Andrew Morton: reparent_to_init() for kernel threads
- Christoph Hellwig: VxFS and SysV updates, vfs_permission fix

- Johannes Erdfelt, Oliver Neukum: USB printer driver race fix
- John Byrne: fix stupid i386-SMP irq stack layout bug
- Andreas Bombe, me: yenta IO window fix
- Neil Brown: raid1 buffer state fix
- David Miller, Paul Mackerras: fix up sparc and ppc respectively for kmap/kbd_rate
- Matija Nalis: umsdos fixes, and make it possible to boot up with umsdos
- Francois Romieu: fix bugs in dscc4 driver
- Andy Grover: new PCI config space access functions (eventually for ACPI)
- Albert Cranford: fix incorrect e2fsprog data from ver_linux script
- Dave Jones: re-sync x86 setup code, fix macsonic kmalloc use
- Johannes Erdfelt: remove obsolete plusb USB driver
- Andries Brouwer: fix USB compact flash version info, add blksize ioctls

- Al Viro: block device cleanups
- Marcelo Tosatti: make bounce buffer allocations more robust (it's ok
for them to do IO, just not cause recursive bounce IO. So allow them)
- Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS update (1.1.17)
- Paul Mackerras: PPC update (big re-org)
- Petko Manolov: USB pegasus driver fixes
- David Miller: networking and sparc updates
- Trond Myklebust: Export atomic_dec_and_lock
- OGAWA Hirofumi: find and fix umsdos "filldir" users that were broken
by the 64-bit-cleanups. Fix msdos warnings.
- Al Viro: superblock handling cleanups and race fixes
- Johannes Erdfelt++: USB updates

- Jeff Hartmann: DRM AGP/alpha cleanups
- Ben LaHaise: highmem user pagecopy/clear optimization
- Vojtech Pavlik: VIA IDE driver update
- Herbert Xu: make cramfs work with HIGHMEM pages
- David Fennell: awe32 ram size detection improvement
- Istvan Varadi: umsdos EMD filename bug fix
- Keith Owens: make min/max work for pointers too
- Jan Kara: quota initialization fix
- Brad Hards: Kaweth USB driver update (enable, and fix endianness)
- Ralf Baechle: MIPS updates
- David Gibson: airport driver update
- Rogier Wolff: firestream ATM driver multi-phy support
- Daniel Phillips: swap read page referenced set - avoid swap thrashing

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