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SubjectRe: NFS daemons in D state for 2 minutes at shutdown
>>>>> " " == VDA  <> writes:

> Hello Trond, Friday, September 21, 2001, 12:25:22 PM, you
> wrote:
TM> Bullshit. killall5 is definitely *not* a well accepted method
TM> for shutting down applications. Try doing that while your
TM> network is running via a ppp link...

> And what is the well accepted method? I'd like to fix my
> system, so please somebody enlighten me...

Use a combination of 'ps' and 'kill -9' or even 'killall'. Anything
that actually selects the nfsd daemons and *NOT* the portmapper.
Grab a copy of nfs-utils and look at the init script included
there if you still don't understand...

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