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SubjectRe: Magic SysRq +# in 2.4.9-ac/2.4.10-pre12
Crutcher Dunnavant wrote:
> I'm looking real close at this right now, and there are a couple of
> problems, and a simple, but ugly solution.
> The entire reason that console_loglevel is touched _after_ the call to
> the second level handler is actually for the loglevel handler's
> printout. I was trying to minimize change in the display, but horked it.
> Here is the problem.
> SysRq events use action messages which get printed by the top level
> handler before calling the second level handler, the call line is:
> orig_log_level = console_loglevel;
> console_loglevel = 7;
> printk(KERN_INFO "SysRq : ");
> op_p = __sysrq_get_key_op(key);
> ...
> printk ("%s", op_p->action_msg);
> op_p->handler(key, pt_regs, kbd, tty);
> ...
> console_loglevel = orig_log_level;
> The killer here is the fact that the action message format string does
> not carry a newline, allowing people to register strings which leave the
> printk state open. The loglevel handler then fills in the loglevel, and
> closes the printk state.
> There was a time when I thought that was a good idea.
> Go ahead, laugh.
> Anyway, that sort of unresolved state is bad, and is the source of all
> of this song and dance. I think the right answer is to force handlers to
> open their own calls to printk, and to keep whats going on with the
> console_loglevel and printk buffer nice and clean.
> The cost is that messages like this:
> SysRq : Loglevel switched to X
> will have to become more like this:
> SysRq : Loglevel
> Loglevel switched to X
> Again, appologies, and a patch is forthcoming.

I've posted a patch (and copied you on it).
It's in 2.4.9-ac13.
You are welcome to post patches anyway, of course.

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