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SubjectRe: AIC-7XXX driver problems with 2.4.9 and L440GX+
>scsi0:0:0:0: Attempting to queue an ABORT message
>scsi0:0:0:0: Command already completed
>aic7xxx_abort returns 8194
>scsi0:0:0:0: Attempting to queue an ABORT message
>scsi0:0:0:0: Device is active, asserting ATN
>Recovery code sleeping
>Recovery code awake
>Timer Expired
>aic7xxx_abort returns 8195
>scsi0:0:0:0: Attempting to queue a TARGET RESET message
>aic7xxx_dev_reset returns 8195
>Recovery SCB completes
>scsi0:0:0:0: Attempting to queue an ABORT message
>ahc_intr: HOST_MSG_LOOP bad phase 0x0
>scsi0:0:0:0: Cmd aborted from QINFIFO
>aic7xxx_abort returns 8194
>scsi: device set offline - not ready or command retry failed after bus
>reset: host 0 channel 0 id 0 lun 0
><output snipped>

That's interesting as it appears to be the exact same problem I'm having
on my G4 PowerMac with a 2960 card and recent kernels. The 6.2.3 driver
didn't help (Justin, see the log I sent you).


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