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At 13:17 20/09/01, csaradap wrote:
>I have installed Red Hat 7.1 from PCQ, and my disk shares NT with LINUX.
>By default I think NTFS file support was not installed, so i recompiled
>the kernel with that support selected. But still it is giving that
>NTFS not suppoted and while mounting under HPFS i get error like too mny
>mounted file systems. plz help...

Sorry if this is a really stupid questions, but did you install the new
kernel and boot into it after recompiling?

If you compiled NTFS as a module did you also "make modules" and "make
modules_install"? Did you try to load the ntfs module manually?

Does /proc/filesystems list ntfs as an available filesystem?

If all of the above are ok, can you copy out the EXACT error message you
get when you try the mount?


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