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Again many thanks especially to Hugh, Andrew, Linus and Al for the help
with the recent fixes.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_GFP_ATOMIC-1

Lower the gfp_atomic low watermark and make sure that __GFP_WAIT
allocations won't eat the atomic GAP, in the attempt to reduce
the GFP_ATOMIC allocation faliures.

Only in 2.4.10pre11aa1: 00_builtin_expect-1

Dropped, likely/unlikely in mainline are nicer.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_compile-sysrq-1

Fixed small compile troubles with sysrq (wakeup_bdflush() takes
no arguments in mainline).

Only in 2.4.10pre11aa1: 00_copy-user-lat-4
Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_copy-user-lat-5

Cleanup: use unlikely and __set_current_state.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_flush-inode-reschedule-1

Reschedule during inode flushes under mem pressure.

Only in 2.4.10pre11aa1: 00_highmem-debug-1
Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_highmem-debug-2

Rediffed due trivial rejects.

Only in 2.4.10pre11aa1: 00_max-threads-backout-1

Mainline allows 1/8 of ram in tasks, that sounds ok too, so
dropped the patch that made it 1/4 instead of 1/16.

Only in 2.4.10pre11aa1: 00_module-gfp-4
Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_module-gfp-5

Rediffed due trivial rejects.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_netconsole-code-1
Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_netconsole-misc-1

Splitted the netconsole code out of Ingo Molnar's latest Tux patch
(J4). (from Ingo Molnar)

Only in 2.4.10pre11aa1: 00_numa-sched-8

Rediffed due trivial rejects.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_ramdisk-secure-1

Fix double BLKFLSBUF bug spotted by Al, and fixed a security problem
with the pagecache backed ramdisk.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_ramdisk-secure-1-const-1

Incremental cleanup, we may need to write to 'src' too.

Only in 2.4.10pre11aa1: 00_rwsem-19
Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_rwsem-fair-20

Dropped the asm version of the rwsemaphores that was left disabled
anyways in -aa and made all the fast paths inline to be competitive in
the microbenchmark. Also made the rw sempahores fair again, see below.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_rwsem-fair-20-recursive-1

Fixed the deadlock with recursive down_read, by introducing a
down_read_recursive that gets a rw_sem_recursor structure as
second paremeter that knows the state of the recursion. Such
second parameter is of course allocated in the task structure,
only page fault, coredump and /proc need to use the new recursive
down. This way the deadlock is fixed cleanly and there is no

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_shrink_cache-BUG-1

Fix from Andrew Morton to avoid freed buffers to be visible in the
LRUs, it cures a BUG().

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_swap-writepage-1

Optimization resurrected by Hugh Dickins to avoid doing
unnecessary I/O flushes on orphaned swapcache pages.
The page->buffer case is fine too in his patch unlike what
I commented in the last email.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_swapin-wrprotect-1

Don't mark pte writeable during swapins unless VM_WRITE is set in the
vma->vm_flags. Fix from Linus, spotted by Hugh Dickins.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_swapout-1

Fix from Hugh Dickins to cure swapout.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_tty_register_ldisc-1

Export a symbol needed by modules.

Only in 2.4.10pre11aa1: 00_vm-aa-2

Merged in mainline.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 00_vm-writepage-reference-1

Fixed race condition where page structures can be still modified after
all the I/O is been started (so potentially the page could go away
under those later references).

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 10_numa-sched-9

Rediffed due trivial rejects.

Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 56_uml-rb-mmap-1

Make uml to compile again.

Only in 2.4.10pre11aa1: 60_tux-2.4.9-ac10-H7
Only in 2.4.10pre12aa1: 60_tux-2.4.9-ac10-J4

Picked last update from .

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