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> I have installed Red Hat 7.1 from PCQ, and my disk shares NT with LINUX.
> By default I think NTFS file support was not installed, so i recompiled
> the kernel with that support selected. But still it is giving that
> NTFS not suppoted

The best place to start is /proc/filesystems This lists all the
filesystem types that the kernel knows about.

When you compliled the kernel did you enable NTFS as an inline part
of the kernel "Y" or a loadable module "M"?

If it's part of the kernel, then you should copy the kernel to /boot
edit /etc/lilo.conf, run lilo and reboot.

If you're using modules, then as root, "make modules_install" from
the kernel source tree and "modprobe ntfs". If that succeeds then
"lsmod" should show something like:
Module Size Used by
ntfs 47152 0 (unused)

If this doesn't help, try reading the Kernel HOWTO:

FlatCap (Rich)

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