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SubjectRe: VM or Netscape problem?
"Garst R. Reese" <> writes:

> This could be a long standing bug as it is difficult to reproduce.
> Periodically Netscape(4.75) will tell me that it cannot find anybody,
> including my mail server. This is after it has already been there in the
> same session. Quitting Netscape and restarting fixes the problem. When I
> see this and think to look at free, I find that I am just into swap a
> few Mb. I'm wondering if VM could be kicking out part of Netscape and
> not getting it back (in time).

I've run into this too, under many kernels. Netscape 4.x doesn't need
any kernel help to be buggy as hell. I don't use it anymore.

With Mozilla where it is, I don't see any reason to run NS4 anymore,
except perhaps for compatibility testing of websites.

> I have also had the box lockup switching
> back to X from a text VT and the problems could be related.

Very doubtful.

In a world of steel-eyed death, and men who are fighting to be warm,
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