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SubjectRe: flush_tlb_all in vmalloc_area_pages
   From: Andrea Arcangeli <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 00:25:47 +0200

The only question I'd like to get a answer is "what is actually the
data that can be virtually indexed) in the vmalloc range at the time we
run vmalloc?" Where does it cames from?

>From the the direct PAGE_OFFSET mappings.

Furthmore I recall on sparc you cannot flush the cache if you don't have
a mapping in place,

This is only true of Hypersparc sparc32 chips for page based flushes,
not whole flushes.

If anybody is using at boot time the vmalloc range for whatever purpuse
it should be its own business to flush the cache before dropping the
mappings from there.

That isn't the problem, it's dirty cache lines left over from the
usual access addresses for physical memory (ie. via PAGE_OFFSET linear

Please, I would heavily suggest leaving this area until 2.5.x there
are already a traumatic amount of changes going on in 2.4.x

David S. Miller

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