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SubjectRe: shutdown "anomoly" with kernel 2.4.9
On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Michael G. Mobley wrote:

> When running kernel 2.4.9, my system cannot reliably reboot/
> halt/shutdown. It hangs when killall5 sends out the TERM signal, as if
> init itself is terminating. This is VERY repeatable (happens pretty
> much every time, whether the shutdown is through 'shutdown -r now',
> 'reboot', 'halt', whatever...)
> I wouldn't have thought this is a kernel problem, but, an identical build
> of 2.4.8 does not seem to exhibit this behavior. And I've played around,
> making one change at a time, and that really is the ONLY difference.
> BTW, I'm building both kernels to exactly the same config. (diff of the
> .configs show only three commented out sound card options that have been
> added to 2.4.9 as differences.)
> Brief system setup is:
> 1xPIII/800, Asus P3V4X MB, 640MB RAM
> AHA29160 SCSI controller w/ 3 HDDs, 2 CDROMs
> No IDE
> USB, AGP, etc...
> etc. etc... (Can provide more details if needed)
> GCC version is: 2.96
> Binutils version is:
> (Basically it's a stock RH7.1 install right now)

Aha! I'm not alone and I'm not nuts. And it doesn't seem to be an Athlon/VIA
thing either.

This is exactly the same thing I'm seeing. And if I put calls to 'ps aux' in
/etc/init.d/halt around the killall5 and sleep calls then it shuts down

Here's my setup for reference:

1xAthlon 1050/100, Asus A7V, 512 MB PC133 RAM
2xATA/66, hda:CD-ROM, hdc:CDRW
2xATA/100 (Promise 20265 on-board), hde:HD (ext3/vfat), hdg:HD (vfat)
Stock RH7.1+Updates+2.4.9-ac12-preempt1

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams <>

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