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SubjectRe: SonyPI Driver

> > I noticed that when running the sonypi driver on my VAIO z600tek, APM Suspend
> > does no longer work: The power button (to suspend) does no longer work and -
> > well - it will still suspend if I force it to, by apm -s but it does not
> > resume (powers on, but blank screen and no input gets processed).
> Yep, using the sonypi driver switches the laptop in a pseudo acpi
> mode and APM based suspend will get disabled.
> You'll have to wait for ACPI suspend support in the kernel
> (some support will get into the 2.5 kernel series) or choose between
> the sonypi driver and APM suspend.

Patrick Mochel has some patches for ACPI to enable suspend-to-ram
[problems with vesafb nd evices, otherwise ok], and
I'm currently working on suspend-to-disk [will work in easy cases].
See acpi list.

Philips Velo 1: 1"x4"x8", 300gram, 60, 12MB, 40bogomips, linux, mutt,
details at

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