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SubjectRe: NFS daemons in D state for 2 minutes at shutdown
>>>>> " " == VDA  <> writes:

> Hi NFS folks, I am still fighting witn nfsd/lockd not dying
> upon killall5. (they are stuck in D state for 2 mins and then
> die with "rpciod: active tasks at shutdown?!" at console)

> I found out that nfsd and lockd die as expected when I use
> modified killall5 which do not SIGSTOP all tasks before killing
> them.

> Any idea why this makes such difference? Is this a bug in
> nfsd/lockd or in killall5?

killall5 is a bad idea as a method for killing nfsd/lockd. You are
better off using something more targeted so you can ensure the correct
If you kill the portmapper before the nfs/lockd daemons have finished
unregistering their services then the above behaviour is completely

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