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Subject2.4.10pre10 aic7xxx problem
Hi Justin !

I'm having a problem with the aic7xxx driver in 2.4.10pre10, it used to
work fine with 2.4.10pre8. The card is a 2960 single channel SCSI2, the
drive is a SEAGATE ST34520N rev. 1444.
Weirdly, the 2 drivers have the same rev. (maybe you didn't change it ?),
the other difference between those kernels is that I compiled 2.4.10pre10
SMP. The machine is a PowerMac dual G4/450

Basically, when probing for disks, my external <> gets stuck (activity
led on) and the driver displays those messages after a longer than usual

Attampting to queue an ABORT message
Device is active, asserting ATN
Recovery code sleeping
Recovery code awake
Timer expired
aic7xxx_abort returns 8195
Attempting to queue a TARGET RESET
aic7xxx_dev_reset returns 8195
Recovery SCB completes

and then more of it... the drive is not detected.

Any clue ?


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