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SubjectRe: [2.4.10-pre11 OOPS] in do_generic_file_read
Paul Mackerras writes:
> Nick Piggin writes:
> > I got the following oops on startup while mounting the root filesystem.
> > Unfortunately there was no "Code" because of a bad EIP value. If anyone
> > would like more information or anything for me to test, please CC me.
> I got something similar. I would predict that you are using devfs.
> The problem is that devfs doesn't set inode->i_mapping->a_ops for a
> block device. Ext2 (for instance) calls init_special_inode, and pre11
> added a line to that procedure to initialize that field. But devfs
> doesn't use init_special_inode.
> The patch below fixes the problem for me. It may be that devfs should
> be calling init_special_inode instead, but that sets inode->i_fop as
> well and it looks like devfs sets that a bit differently. Richard?

Correct. In devfs, I need to capture the open() method. So my fops
have devfs_open(), which in turn initialises file->f_op as required.
I've applied your patch to my tree. I'll be releasing a new patch


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