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    SubjectRe: Re[2]: [PATCH] Athlon bug stomper. Pls apply.

    I am just opposing to be forced to use a fix when a fix isn't really
    needed on my setup.

    On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, VDA wrote:

    > Look into pci-pc.c amd quirks.c: do you want to make all those
    > config options too?

    I will, and if I find something done not needed I might complain again.

    > Also, do you want people to spend days finding out why their
    > once stable system with their brand new, faster processor
    > started to oops, finally giving up and posting about this to lkml?

    I dont suppose it will take more than an hour for somebody to notice that
    under the "Optimized for K7" option there is another called "Enable 55.7=0
    fix for K7 that oops all over the place"

    Please calm down. I never suggested your fix is wrong. It was a long
    awaited one indeed. I only suggested that it be applied wherever it needs
    to be, not blindly whenever a KT133/A setup is seen.

    If you don't agree with my view, just say why, don't go arround mocking me
    about it.


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