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Subject__alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed still in -pre12
I tried 2.4.10-pre12 and run some mysql big tests (actually
mysql/tests/ ). And, the load is coming up and down from 17 to
6 .... and now, it's 1.7 only and I see in dmesg:

__alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed (gfp=0x20/0) from c012e3e2
__alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed (gfp=0x20/0) from c012e3e2

Filename Type Size Used Priority
/dev/sda2 partition 2097136 41392 -1

The swap usage grew up from 11MB 40MB.

free gives:
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 1029776 1007360 22416 0 4548 463936
-/+ buffers/cache: 538876 490900
Swap: 2097136 41392 2055744

The system started to page-out when there were almost no buffers available
and many cached pages. The system started after bootup with cached=18k or
something like that.

total: used: free: shared: buffers: cached:
Mem: 1054490624 880287744 174202880 0 4653056 460627968
Swap: 2147467264 42909696 2104557568
MemTotal: 1029776 kB
MemFree: 170120 kB
MemShared: 0 kB
Buffers: 4544 kB
Cached: 448416 kB
SwapCached: 1416 kB
Active: 377868 kB
Inactive: 76508 kB
HighTotal: 131072 kB
HighFree: 2044 kB
LowTotal: 898704 kB
LowFree: 168076 kB
SwapTotal: 2097136 kB
SwapFree: 2055232 kB

I have to say I've been using for a week without any "0-order allocation
failed" patch from Marcelo. Now I see am back to the old stage. ;(

> > You can get the patch from Marcelo's post on lkml on Aug 22 under the
> > subject "Re: With Daniel Phillips Patch (was: aic7xxx with 2.4.9 on
> > 7899P)". Note the correction posted in his next message in the thread.
> > It applies to 2.4.9. Please try it and see if these failures go away.

Please Cc: me in reply, if possible.
Martin Mokrejs - PGP5.0i key is at
MIPS / Institute for Bioinformatics <>
GSF - National Research Center for Environment and Health
Ingolstaedter Landstrasse 1, D-85764 Neuherberg, Germany

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