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Subject2001-09-19 release of hotplug scripts
I've just packaged up the latest Linux hotplug scripts into a release,
which can be found at:

This release adds ieee1394 support and a try at SuSE support :)

Here's the full changelog:
- Added ieee1394.agent from Kristian Hogsberg
- with docs, "sh -x" debug support, minor fix. Needs kernel
2.4.10 and modutils 2.4.9 to hotplug.
- Some of the updates from SuSE:
* add/use debug_msg macro in hotplug_functions
modprobe -s (to syslog)
* various agent tweaks/fixes
* more usb.handmap entries (from usbmgr)
- Added the fxload program
- Rework root makefile and hotplug.spec to install in prefix
location without need of spec file for install.
- Added installation directions to make the /var/run/usb
directory, and updated the rpm spec file to match.
- added half of Stephen Williams <> REMOVER
patch. It is up to the install script to create the
/var/run/usb directory. Something like the following would be
mkdir /var/run/usb
chmod 0700 /var/run/usb


greg k-h
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