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SubjectRe: Re[2]: [PATCH] Athlon bug stomper. Pls apply.

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, Jan Niehusmann wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 19, 2001 at 05:31:36PM +0300, Liakakis Kostas wrote:
> > It seems to fix the stability problem. We don;t know why, but
> > experimetation shows that those _with_ the problem are relieved. This is
> > fine! We are happy with it.
> >
> > We write to a register marked as "don't write" by Via. This is potentialy
> > dangerous in ways we don't know yet.
> Additionally, look at who tested the 'fix' up to now: Probably only
> people who had a problem before. And for all of them, the problem got
> fixed. But do we know what happens if we use this 'fix' on a computer
> that is not broken? No. Perhaps it breaks when we apply the 'fix'?
No, it won't break. I tried this patch on an Athlon 1300 Mhz 200 FSB,
that has worked with athlon optimizzed kernels without any problems, and
it still works. I did this just for curiosity, and i was
avoiding to post a long series of it works for me too, since I have just
abit MBs, and before the patch was out I just putted a working bios on
every MB. Anyway I tried the patch on working Athlon.

And let's try to get VIA to tell us what is going on....


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