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SubjectRe: Request: removal of fs/fs.h/super_block.u to enable partition locking
Alan Cox wrote:
> You are not going to stop a tired sysadmin doing something daft. You can
> certainly create a GPL'd raw partition as a file fs (I believe someone did
> that so INN could mmap raw on a device)
> However you don't need to remove anything for that

But I can't distribute the file fs with my application,
because I can't expect my
user base to patch and recompile their kernel just so they can run
my application.

Perhaps what is needed is an 'inuse' filesystem or a way to make
filesystem modules without patching the kernel.

My concern is that ordinary tools like mount check the proc filesystem
to see if a partition is already mounted and it seems likely that tools
like mke2fs do this too. Sysadmins might feel that existing tools
them from damaging something in use. I'm looking for a way to follow
general behavior with raw partitions.

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