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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Athlon bug stomper. Pls apply.

>>Which means that the "statistical sampling" is very skewed by
>>self-selection, and anybody who knows anything about statistics knows
>>that sample selection is _very_ important.
> the only way it'll get a good sampling is to put it in the kernel
> I suggest not adding this to the "athlon" cpu selection code. Rather make it
> a sub-option like many other drivers have. That way people can select
> whether they need it or not until we are sure it's totally safe for everyone
> to use it by Via saying so or something. Just a suggestion, other drivers
> do the same thing, so why not the cpu selection screen for workarounds.

Why not simply add it to the next -pre cycle (if 2.4.10 is nearby), ie
2.4.11-pre1 has it, it goes through a few revisions of -pre and if it's
stable enough for mainstream, have it standard for 2.4.11, otherwise
just drop it, fix it, squash it, or do whatever with it :)

And if 2.4.10 isn't that close, add it to -pre13 and do the same, having
it permanently in 2.4.10 (or not if it's nuclear).

// Stefan

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