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SubjectRe: [PATCH] /dev/epoll update ...
Dan Kegel wrote:
> 1. it would be very nice to be able to expand the interest list
> without affecting the currently ready list. In fact, this may
> be needed to support existing programs. A quick look at
> your code gives me the impression that it would be easy to add
> a ioctl(kdpfd, EP_REALLOC, newmaxfds) call to do this. Do you agree?

Aw, crap, nevermind. Since when you expand the interest list
you can double it, this happens so seldom it doesn't matter that
you have to do EP_FREE + EP_ALLOC + EP_POLL.

I stand by my other two requests, though (the uniform naming convention
and hands off poll.h).

- Dan
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