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The problem mentioned in the following threads:

Is fixed in at least 2.4.9-ac10. I haven't been a regular user of the
-ac series so I can't say when exactly this was fixed. However, this
problem still persists in Linus 2.4.10-pre10. Can anyone who chimed in
with similar problems to mine try said kernel (2.4.9-ac10) and provide
any feedback? It would excellent if the exact fix could be identified.

Jeffrey H. Ingber (jhingber _at_

> The random Sig 11's are observed in the stock XFree86 4.x drivers with
> none of the 'extras' enabled, such as DRI on several sets of video cards
> (Matrox and ATI). I can run both UP and SMP kernels in the 2.2 series
> and 2.4 UP kernels with unlimited uptimes. However, switching to a 2.4
> SMP kernel will cause random Sig 11's in X, seemingly irregardless of
> video card/vendor.=20

I'm aware of the reports. Its very hard to figure out what might be
involved. Later 2.4 kernels we have fixed the odd possible candidate where
segment registers or LDT propogation on SMP might go awry but nothing that
really explains the X11 ones and whether they are PCI/AGP setup , power
management or kernel bug triggered


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