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SubjectRe: [PATCH] proxy arp bug on shaper device


Roberto Arcomano wrote:

> This patch should correct proxy arp feature in shaper devices forcing kernel
> checking (before sending ARP REPLY) for "physical" device (i.e. eth0) instead
> of "shaper" device (i.e. shaper0): in this way we avoid useless ARP REPLY and
> "IP CONFLICT" messages on client hosts.

You can also try to stop the ARP for your asymmetric route
using the per-route ARP flag (patch for 2.4 only):
go to "Solution 2: Per-route ARP flag"

May be you need to add ip rule before reaching table main, i.e.
to use such commands:

ip rule add prio 100 to shaped_network/24 iif eth0 table 100
ip route add shaped_network/24 dev shaper0 table 100 noarp

I assume (if I understand your setup correctly) this command will
drop the ARP probes coming through eth0 and asking for non-local IP
addresses on shaped networks on shaper device(s). You can put all
your networks reachable through shaper devices in table 100. All
other networks on non-shaper devices will be reported from the

I don't know whether this will work but you can try. At
least, I don't see a way the other device flags related to ARP
to work for you: hidden (only in 2.2), arp_filter and rp_filter.


Julian Anastasov <>

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