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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.10-pre11

On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> > > If we need to avoid the bumping of i_count and to allocate something
> > > dynamically that will be the bd_mapping address space, we don't need a
> > > new fake_inode there too, we just need to share the new physical
> > > pagecahce address space. Such physical i_mapping address space is the
> >
> > What are you going to use as mapping->host for it?
> the only info we'd need from the host is the host->i_rdev, so why can't
> we get it from the file->f_dentry->d_inode->i_rdev? In general I don't

In ->writepage()? Good luck. BTW, at some point use of ->i_rdev will have
to go - we need to be able to use ->i_bdev instead.

> like very much the fake inodes with the zillon of unused fields (they
> just looks confusing due their unused fields), but well if you for
> whatever reason prefer to keep doing page->mapping->host->i_rdev or if
> file->f_dentry->d_inode->i_rdev has a problem I'm pretty much ok with
> the fake_inode there too.

It doesn't have to be fake. See how it's done for sockets or pipes.

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