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Jeffrey Ingber wrote:

> The problem mentioned in the following threads:
> Is fixed in at least 2.4.9-ac10. I haven't been a regular user of the
> -ac series so I can't say when exactly this was fixed. However, this
> problem still persists in Linus 2.4.10-pre10. Can anyone who chimed in
> with similar problems to mine try said kernel (2.4.9-ac10) and provide
> any feedback? It would excellent if the exact fix could be identified.

I'm using ac-10 with the preempt patch at the moment and still have
trouble with the X server segfaulting sometimes.
Usually it does this not that often (once a day to once every few days),
it seems more likely to happen when switching between text mode console
and X, I can increase the likelyhood of this by running the wmcpu and
wmsysmon applets, which will often make it segfault after only a few minutes.
System is Dual Celeron 433 on an ABIT BP6 board. XFree 4.1.0. Debian
unstable. Riva TNT, using the nv driver. (I sometimes switch to the
nvidia driver because this supports the xvideo extensions, but have not
since the last reboot, so the proprietary module should not have been
The most annoying thing is that the console is stuck in graphics mode
after the server crashed...

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